Murphy Wall Products has been serving the drywall industry since 2007, and we remain committed to our vision of producing top-quality paints and finishes for our wide network of retailers and customers.  Our products are designed and manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology that guarantees superior quality, performance and longevity, making us the number one choice for professional and novice painters.

Color and Finish Specialists

Murphy’s brilliant team of  innovators, engineers and support groups are constantly revolutionizing industry best practices, setting quality standards that spark creativity and imagination. Our inspiring designers, homeowners and contractors have given us the technical expertise necessary in helping our customers create amazing interiors and exteriors.  Translating color trends into consumers’ personal lifestyles is what we do best.

Production is Science at Work

Murphy implements strict quality control measures to ensure quality and durability for all our products.  We understand that building color confidence requires meticulous production processes.  This is why we continually test our processes, as well as the design and development of all our products.  Perfection, we believe, entails precise science.

Quality Topped with Superior Performance

Murphy’s premium paint and finish products, including our full line of hypo-allergenics, are made of first-rate materials that are eco-friendly with low VOC, providing superior performance, richness and high finish job quality.   Our joint compounds and texture products also feature plasticity that provides precision in application and conform to ASTM specification No.C475, as well as federal specification No.SS-J-570a.

Ongoing Commitment to Providing Customer Satisfaction

We understand our customers and their specific needs.  Our primary goal is to meet their requirements and achieve the results they want in a timely and friendly manner.  From finding the right color, the appropriate paint and finish, even the best tools and equipment, Murphy strives to surpass client expectations.  Without compromising quality, we optimize our products with affordability and cost-efficiency in mind.  This dedication has made us the preferred supplier for many construction professionals.