Hypo Joint Compound


Murphy’s drywall joint compounds are scientifically formulated to create superior finish that does not crack, shrink, or discolor even when used in the most extreme conditions. Their durability, easy application and ability to perfectly conceal surface flaws and dents make them the preferred choice to achieve that professional look you desire.

Designed with your living requirements in mind, these hypoallergenic compounds have no preservatives, mildewcides and fungicides, ensuring air quality and environmental safety.

At Murphy, we care.

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HA-100 Hypo Setting Compound

A powdered all-purpose setting compound formulated with inert fillers and natural binders, and does not contain any VOCs, preservatives, fingicides, mildewcide or petroleum products.  Mixes well with water. (Patches with faster drying time.)

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M-100 Hypo All Purpose Joint Compound

A powdered all-purpose joint texture-compound formulated with NO VOC, preservatives, mildewcides or fungicides.  It is made with inert fillers and natural binders only.  It contains no slow-releasing compounds, and mixes well with tap water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do Murco Hypo powder compounds differ from regular powder joint compounds?

They differ greatly in chemical content. They contain no preservatives, mildewcides, fungicides, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), amines, formaldehyde, vinyl acetate, or any petroleum products.

Question: How do the Murco Hypo joint compounds differ from regular compounds on the finished job?

The M-100 is slightly harder and does not sand as easy and may not take structure movement as much as some other compounds, however it is tougher than regular compounds.

Question: How about the application process?

Both powders can be mixed easily. (Mix heavy until lumps are gone, then thin to desired consistency.) Be advised since neither powder contains preservatives, only mix what is needed to be used in one 24hr period, as bacteria could become a problem once water is added.

Question: Can the Hypo products be used for texture?

Yes, the M-100 is recommended for texture, but if heavy/thick texture is required we recommend the setting compound be used.

Question: How much material does a 25lb or 18lb bag make when mixed with water?

Approximately 3 gallons.

Question: Will there be any out gassing with these products?

The only volatiles that will be out gassed will be the water that is added.

Question: Can the M-100 be used in automatic taping tools?

Yes. Murphy also manufactures Tapeworm Taping Tools.

Question: How about painting, and will the products seal and prevent out gassing from wallboard or other surfaces they are applied on?

Painting is no different than any other compounds. But neither product is “vapor proof.” (Meaning vapors will pass through.) So they will not stop out gassing from wallboard or substrates underneath.

Question: What is the cost of these Hypo products?

Both are reasonably priced, just contact the dealer nearest you.