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Murphy’s hypo-allergenic primers are fast-drying and virtually odorless with low VOC, outperforming commercial premium undercoaters, sealers and stain-blocking primers in suppressing most bleeding stains, including water wood stains, ink, faded wallboard and marker stains.

Ideal for use on interior walls, our primers reduce toxic emissions and control out-gassing as they provide healthy living spaces with optimum air quality.

At Murphy, we care.

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Hypo Latex Stain Stop Primer

A low odor, low VOC, fast drying, water-based primer-sealer designed for interior use.  This product can replace oil-based primers, and can be used to block most bleeding stains, including water stains, wood stains, ink, faded wallboard and marker stains.  Use on wallboard, paneling, plaster and wood work. Can also be used on prepared galvanized-metal and primed metal.  Glossy surfaces may require sanding or buffing.  Though extremely low VOC, this product's VOC is slightly higher than the other Murco Earth Friendly Products. (Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.)

Please note if you want White or Tinted color: If you would like a tinted color, please contact us for selection available.

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Hypo Drywall Surface Primer

A fast drying, water-based interior wall surface preparation primer formulated specifically to equalize the surface porosity between the gypsum panel face and the finished joint Compound. To reduce toxic emissions and control out-gassing, this product has an extremely low VOC and does not contain mildewcide or fungicide. Its higher solid content leaves a higher film build, which can help hide wall imperfections.  This product is recommended for use where level five gypsum finish board is required. (Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.)

Please note if you want White or Tinted color: If you would like a tinted color, please contact us for selection available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How are the Hypo Paints and Primers different from conventional paints?

First, they contain extremely small amounts of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These are mostly petroleum based solvents. Second, some of the volatiles (not considered VOC’s) have also been removed. Finally, they contain no fungicides or mildewcides. The result of these changes produce a paint that has very little if any odor.

Question: What types of paint and primer are in the Murco Hypo line?

A drywall surface primer, a stain stopping primer, a flat wall paint, and a satin wall paint.

Question: Do you offer a gloss paint in this line?

Murco has a gloss paint that has a low VOC and no fungicides and no mildewcides but to achieve the higher gloss, the VOC content is too high for this particular line.

Question: How about the performance and durability of these hypo paints and primers?

The finished job using these paints is not affected as far as durability, coverage, and looks. They are not protected from mildewcides so avoid prolonged moisture exposure.

Question: Can the stain stop primer replace oil based primers?

Yes, in most cases. However it does not adhere to raw unprimed steel and does not have the rust resistance that oil primers normally have.

Question: Can the drywall surface primer be used to achieve a Level 5 Drywall finish?

Yes, it is a true drywall surface preparation primer, and can be applied at a very high film thickness.

Question: Will any of these Hypo Paints seal or stop out gassing from paints or wallboard underneath there film?

No, vapors will pass through all of them. The stain stop primer, which itself has a slightly higher VOC, can stop up to 90% of vapor transmission through its film.

Question: How about the application of these paints?

All can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. (These paints should not be applied or stored at temperatures below 50° F) Before application make sure wall, air, and product temperature are above 50° F.

Question: How about tinting colors with these paints?

All, with the exception of the stain stop primer, can be tinted to light colors. Do not tint the stain stop or it may inhibit its ability to stop stains. Also keep in mind that a lot of the things removed from these paints can be added back in the tint. Also be aware that even some of the tints advertised as VOC Free contain solvents that are not classified by some organizations as VOC Free.

Question: How about using these paints on exterior surfaces?

None of the Hypo Paints are recommended for exterior use.

Question: What would be the primary use for these paints?

These Hypo Paints are ideal for doctors offices, churches, schools, bedrooms for infants or small children, or anyone that would prefer breathing cleaner air. They are also good for the environment as they contain less ozone depleting contaminants.

Question: Are these latex paints?

Yes, all contain latex.

Question: How about the cost of these products, as most low VOC paints are very expensive?

All products in this line are comparably priced to conventional paints, and in some cases could be less expensive.